New Generation - New Adventurers Edit

20 years after the events of the first generation, the Guild has decided to send it's younglings on their official Guild initiation quest - to find an artifact in a forest near Esmeltaran in Muranndin.

5 eager Guild aspirees set out to Esmeltaran:

  • Eve - aspiring Paladin of Athena and Tak
  • Monty - Lawyer and Warlock of the Dark One
  • Lux - Wild Fire Sorcerer, son of Sian
  • Okria
  • Alberto

First Mission - Retrieving the Stick Edit

Teleporting into the Village, the villagers scatter at the frightening Minotaur in Plate Armour who has just appeared in the middle of the village, with fire burning around her head and her eyes aglow with fury. In Eve's mind, she is perfectly normal looking and tried to great the villagers normally as they ran to their homes. Little did she know of the prank that Lux had played on her with a quick Minor illusion. Eventually they found the Village leader's house and persuaded him to give some information about the area: apparently a dark presence had taken over the forest to the North and the last people that went there did not return. We promised to keep an eye out for them and heading for the forest. it was nightfall the time they stopped to rest at the edge of the forest.

Second Mission - Get The Sword Edit

Eve departed with an entourage of paladins to get the stick back to the Guild. In he stead, Whisper has arrived and brought with her their new quest - to get a sword from the Head of the Assassin's Guild in Scornubel. So the party came up with a plan to use their month waiting for the Wizard's Apprentice to arrive in Scornubel to infiltrate the Assassin's Guild and get the sword. It was up to Lux and Whisper to join the Assassin's guild and draw out the AG Leader. After waiting a few days, Whisper was the first to be approached by the AG for her initiation mission. Leaving Sebastian behind, she was led across a few rooftops, the arrived at a grand house. She was told to go and kill the halfling man in the main bedroom of the house, for reasons unknown. Stealthily she crept through the house, into the main bedroom and surgically killed the man as he slept beside his wide. His death was quick and painless, and she slipped away from the house undetected back to the Assassin waiting on the rooftop nearby. She had passed the test and was now an Official Member of the AG. To celebrate, she joined the rest of the party carousing in the city and was swept up in a whirlwind romance with a halfing woman named ---, the wife of her first assassination (The romance ended amicably, with the woman non the wiser)

2 days after Whisper's initiation, it was Lux's turn. awoken in the middle of the night, he too was led to over the rooftops to the Grand Mansion and given his mission: To kill the halfling baby of the man Whisper had killed, not 2 nights before. As he crept into the Baby's room his mind had already come up with a daring plan. Casting a Major Illusion that shows him brutally murdering the baby, he gathers the baby up in the party's Bag of Holding and leaves, confirming the kill with the Assassin waiting for him. He is accepted into the assassin's guild for this brutal kill that leaves even the Assassin cringing and waits a moment for the Assassin to leave before dropping to street level, getting a horse and riding as fast as he can out of the city. As soon as he is outside the city limits he brings the child out of the Bag of Holding and rides straight for the Orphanage we had passed on the way here, depositing the child there with strict instructions and money to send the child to the Guild as soon as possible. With that he returns to Scornubel and to the party who are drinking in the Inn. He arrives, and orders a rolling tab before dropping into a seat by Whisper, who had already heard of the death of the child. They exchange a look and although it was never said, Whisper knew that he had pulled off some marvelous feat, supported by the small smile he tries to hide as he gets himself thoroughly wasted.

Finally, having gained membership to the guild, they head there to try and find some way to meet the Guildmaster and take the sword.

Side Mission #1 - Retrieve the Thunderstone Edit

After the unfortunate werewolf incident at the Thieves' guild in Scornubel, Dale was charged by the Head of the Guild to retrieve a Thunderstone from the top of the Thunderpeaks and return with it within 2 months.

The Wizard Incident Edit

Upon washing up on the riverbank, far away from the Well of Dragons, the party decides to stop for the night by the river when they are beckoned over to a cave by a mysterious individual who makes it clear that escape is not an option.

Returning to Thesk Edit

After hearing of Thanatos' death, the party heads back to the Guild in time for the funeral.

Third Mission - Get the Orb of Infinity Edit