The Kingdom of the Two Suns Edit


History Edit

Non-one who had been to Elturgard cuold pass by without first seeing the spelndors that are the shining knights of the Companions, riding out over the fields, banners flying and breastplates agleam with the symbol of Elturgard and each bearing a holy symbol of their god. There is no shortage of good and lawful souls in this land.

Major Settlements in Elturgard Edit

Elturel Edit

Elturel is a city on a hill overlooking the River Chionthar, constatntly illuminated by the Companion.

Berdusk Edit

A large town of artisans and pious people.Its native nobility, the so-called "First Folk of Berdusk" have made a great show of their piety since the founding of Elturgard, and a great many of the high-ranking priests hail from their families. Over the years a few bad apples in their midst have given Berduskans a reputation for the sin of "false piety" - pretending to a stronger faith than one actually posesses. Though this attitude is disapproved of by the Creed, it has given rise in other parts of Elturgard to the expression "as holy as a Berduskan priest" - which is to say, not very.

Scornubel Edit

Known far and wide as the City of Caravans, Scornubel is the great trading nexus of the Kingdom of the Two Suns. Though responsible for plenty of the nation's prosperity, it is also the source of plenty of its troubles. Scornubel is a haven for outlanders, many of whom are either troublemakers or folk whom trouble is pursuing.